September 25, 2012

Taking Flight

Inspired to write my "heart declaration" on my hand.

I have started and stopped several blogs over the years. I have grand plans to share my art, my life, my thoughts. Unfortunately, I loose momentum somewhere along the way. Or, the fear creeps in... that voice that tells me that what I have to say is irreverent and offers nothing to the world. Or, the fear of being vulnerable, of sharing too much. Of not being able to take back the parts of myself I lay bare on the page. Whatever the reason, suffice it to say, that I have failed blogging more times than I care to admit.

So what is different this time? This time I have Kelly Rae Roberts and my fellow Flying Lessons classmates. I took the leap and joined Kelly Rae's last ever Flying Lessons online class. I have met so many wonderful friends and sisters-in-spirit. I can feel my soul opening up to the possibility that is waiting for me to grow wings. I am willing to embrace the idea that my art, ideas, and thoughts are not for everyone. But... they are for someone... someone out there is waiting for me to begin my journey so they can begin theirs. I have been inspired by so many, and in turn there are those waiting for me to inspire them.

Thank you for visiting. I hope that you have found a place to inspire your heart.