Andrea, Josh, Isis, Max (top) & Cleo (bottom)

 Ten Things About Me:

    1. My husband, Josh, and I eloped to Lake Tahoe in 2008. 
    2. I have three cats, Isis, Cleo & Max.
    3. I am a Jane-of-all things crafty. (bookmaking, photography, stained glass, sewing, crochet, painting...)
    4. I am afraid of the dark (you never know when the boogeyman might get you).
    5. I am an avid reader; my favorite genre is Fantasy, I also love young adult books.
    6. My favorite color is orange (obviously), but I am also partial to pink, purple, turquoise & green.
    7. I love toys and have a pretty big collection of Barbies.
    8. My favorite kind of food is Mexican.
    9. My favorite dessert is Cheesecake (plain, not fruffy crap).
    10. I love to travel.

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