October 10, 2012

All the Pretty Colors

Orange Thread                                              ©Andrea Hathaway 2012

I have only ever stole one thing in my life...

Two of my most favorite places in the world are the paint chip aisle at the hardware store and the thread aisle at the fabric store. There is something about the multitude of variegated colors that calls out to my heart and speaks of endless possibilities...

I must have felt this same attachment as a child.  When I was three my mother took me with her to the local Hancock Fabric store. The call of the thread aisle was more than I could bear. The beautiful colors sitting right there for me to touch and feelhold in my hand. I don't remember which color caught my fancy that day, but I know that I got as far as being strapped into my car seat before my mom noticed the spool of thread I gripped in my hand. I remember crying and digging in my heels as she tried to make me go into the shop to confess my crime. I must have been so embarrassing, because in the end she just ran in and put the spool back where it belonged and we went home.

Luckily for me, paint chips are free for the taking. I get my fix for colors I can hold in my hand every time I go to the hardware store.


  1. I had such a collection of paint chips! And I adore that my daughter loves to stop by the paint department and pick out a new fave color.

    1. Ack! Why didn't my name show up? Still trying to figure out this wordpress/blog stuff!

  2. Loved your story of being a thread snatcher. I'm also a huge fan of the colorful paint chips!
    Peace & Joy, Suzanne Fernald

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by. I love that we are all color junkies. It is so nice to begin this blog process with such lovely talented and kind women. Thank you, Kristen, Robin and Suzanne for stopping by!